Is Neil Diamond overrated

Potsdam volleyball players with a strong home start

The volleyball players at SC Potsdam have also won their second game in the new Bundesliga season. It went like clockwork against Straubing.

When Neil Diamond's classic “Sweet Caroline” thundered through the MBS Arena, there was no stopping the SC Potsdam fans. "Good times never seem so good", good times never seem to be so good - for true, what an exhilarating home start for the newly formed team. Already after the second match of the season, all doubts that many had after the departure of top scorer Marta Drpa seem to have been wiped away. Because one week after the 3: 1 in Dresden there was a smooth march with 3: 0 (25:10, 25:22, 25:13) against Nawaro Straubing to the top of the table in front of 1230 spectators. At least in the first and third set things went like clockwork for the SCP volleyball players.

Good start lets excitement fly away

Captain Antonia Stautz, who ran for the injured Anne Hölzig on Anname-Außen from the start, said: “Everyone was positively tense as to how the first home game would be. But we started right away, slacked off a bit in the second set and went back to our game in the third. We will not overestimate the success, because Straubing arrived weakly. ”But she also pointed out:“ We trained hard to make an appearance like this. ”

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The SC Potsdam volleyball team started the 2019/20 season with two wins. © Kathleen Friedrich

Potsdam started with Valerie Nichol (pass) Brittany Abercrombie (Diagonal), Sofija Medic, Lisa Gründing (both middle block), Antonia Stautz, Ana Escamilla (both outside acceptance) and Aleksandra Jegdic (Libero), so with five newcomers. The Spaniard Ana Escamilla, who not only stood out with 16 points and was named the most valuable player, started with a strong series of serve and brought the SCP 5-0 lead. After a super block from the returnee Lisa Gründing to 11: 4, a preliminary decision had already been made and the excitement finally evaporated. After the 21:10, coach Guillermo Naranjo Hernandez replaced Denise Imoudu in the pass and Deborah Scholz in the diagonal attack, both of which fitted seamlessly. Antonia Stautz made the point to 25:10.

Already a little conjured up in the third movement

In the second section, after a 2: 5, the hosts quickly managed the turnaround to 6: 5 and did not give up the lead until 25:22, but without clearly breaking away. In the third set, the Hernandez six did some magic, showed a variable attack game, because the assumption also worked. At 2: 7, guest coach Benedikt Frank, who had to do without ex-Potsdam Libera Sophie Dreblow, who had an injured foot, while the second former SCP actor Magdalena Gryka safely directed the pass, had already used his two time outs and was able to make the triumphant advance the red shirts don't stop. Hernandez also gave mid-blocker Natalie Wilczek and outside attacker Laura Emont's game practice. The latter turned the match point to 25:13 after 69 minutes and pop icon Neil Diamond ushered in the winning party with his song of the century.

Ana Escamilla stands out

"Every point is important, we are only at the beginning of the season," said the coach realistically. “We did some things quite well, but there is still a lot to improve,” he added. And about MVP gold medal collector Ana Escamilla, Hernandez said: “She is still very young and was really looking forward to her first home game. Ana is playing her first season outside of Spain and has already done quite well. "

And the final word was reserved for the protagonist herself: “I'm very happy at the moment, the many fans in the hall, I wasn't used to that. You supported us very well. I felt that and it pushed me a lot, ”said 21-year-old Ana Escamilla. “It was great fun playing here. I'm already looking forward to the next home game. ”However, there is still a little time left before champions Stuttgart come to the MBS-Arena on November 9th. First of all, SC Potsdam will make a guest appearance in Wiesbade on October 23rd