The screen mirroring requires the network

Screen mirroring - this is how you network your smartphone and TV

What is screen mirroring and how does it work?

Screen mirroring is a practical way of projecting content from a smartphone onto a television. A connection is established between the two devices and data can be viewed in real time on a larger screen. Strictly speaking, only Samsung devices are involved "Screen Mirroring". Anyone who does the same with a TV from LG, Panasonic or Philips is probably familiar with the application by the name "Miracast". In contrast, Sony devices speak of “screen mirroring”. With Android smartphones in particular, the transfer is fairly easy. All you need is a smartphone with at least Android 4.2. Then you can use the Wifi Direct technology to send a Establish a direct WiFi connection between the Android device and the television. The connection works completely without a WLAN router. In the next section you will learn exactly how this works.

Project Android content onto a Smart TV

If you want to play content from your smartphone with Android 6.0, proceed as follows: First open the settings in your smartphone. Then click on "NFC and release" and activate the function "Screen Mirroring". Then you have to select the respective output device. Smart TVs that use Android TV are usually displayed directly here. Otherwise you can use the function "To scan" tap and select the respective device there. As soon as the suitable TV set appears in the selection list, you can specify it with a short click. In just a few seconds, the relevant content is displayed directly on the Smart TV. If you have a Samsung smartphone, you can make it even easier and use the preinstalled Smart View function. To do this, drag the options bar down and click on the Smart View symbol. Then all available devices are scanned. As soon as you select the right TV, all content will be transferred. Smartphones from other manufacturers also have a pre-installed setting. If you have a current Huawei smartphone, you can use the function "Easy projection" or "Wireless projection"to activate the transmission.

This is how screen mirroring works with an iPhone

Screen mirroring is also possible with an iPhone and other iOS devices. If you use an older iOS version on your Apple device, you can use the function under the name Air play or Air play mirroring Find. Users of iOS 11, iOS 12 and iOS 13 will find the function under the term Screen synchronization. This feature allows you to stream various types of content on an Apple TV. And with the iPhone, screen mirroring is not limited to Apple products either. You can also transfer photos, videos, pictures and more to a Samsung Smart TV and other devices with the right tools.