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Tsunade(Tsunade = holding rope, anchor rope; wife of Jiraiya in a mythical saga) is one of the three legendary sannins like Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Despite the fact that she is Hokage, she is not a good role model. She loves to play, but she loses a lot. That is why she is also called the legendary loser (or gamer). She is a very hot-headed and spirited woman and the granddaughter of the first HokageHashirama Senju. Therefore, she also wears his necklace, which is said to be cursed.


Tsunade is a woman of a more mature age, but has the appearance of a 25-year-old, which is based on a permanent nin-jutsu that works constantly. She has brown eyes and long blonde hair that she wears with two ponytails. On her forehead she has a purple-colored, rhombus-like seal that is very similar to that of her grandmother, and with which she can also do some jutsus.
She wears a dark green coat, on the back of which there is a red circle with the kanji "賭" for gambling. Under this coat, she wears a kimono-like sleeveless gray blouse that emphasizes her lush bust size, which, according to Jiraiya, has a chest circumference of 106 cm. Furthermore, she wears a dark blue belt and trousers of the same color. She doesn't wear the typical shinobi sandals, but black high-heeled shoes.
In Part 1, Tsunade wore a necklace that belonged to her grandfather, the Shodai Hokage. However, she had lost this necklace as a bet to Naruto, who had won her bet to learn the Rasengan within a week.


Tsunade is an extremely strong personality who knows how to assert himself. Often other people have great respect, or even downright fear of her quick-tempered and rude nature. Nevertheless, Tsunade also has a very sentimental side, which she does not often show, only when it is is about people who are close to her and something bad happens to them. Tsunade has suffered a few blows of fate in the past. Since Nawaki, her younger brother, and Dan, her boyfriend at the time, had to die in the war, she even had a real phobia against blood for a long time. Tsunade ultimately resorted to alcohol for these reasons and tried to distract himself from the loss by gambling. It was only through Naruto Uzumaki, who was able to give her hope for a better future and the will to become Hokage herself, that she recognized her chance for meaning in her life and became Hokage.

Shinobi training

Tsunade was trained by the third generation Hokage. She was one of the two best along with Orochimaru and always made fun of Jiraiya. Jiraiya herself tried to pick her up when she first met, but most of the time she got rejected.


Tsunade's trauma

Nawaki is Tsunade's little brother. He always dreamed of becoming a Hokage and protecting the village and the people. Tsunade gave him her necklace for his birthday, which she got from her grandfather, the Shodai Hokage. Shortly afterwards, Nawaki died fighting. Tsunade was very sad and blamed himself. At a conference, Tsunade suggested adding a medicine ninja to each team to reduce the rate of casualties. However, there was very little support for this idea. Her friend Dan said this was a great idea. He brought Tsunade home afterwards. She also gave him the necklace. Dan was attacked and fatally injured while on a mission. Tsunade, who was there as a medicine ninja, tried to save him, but to no avail. After that she probably thought that there was a curse on the chain. After this traumatic event, she was also afraid of blood because Dan was covered in blood shortly before his death.

Second Shinobi World War

At the time of the Second Shinboi World War, Tsunade already held the rank of Jonin. Together with Orochimaru and Jiraiya they were an unbeatable team. They were superior to many of their opponents. Shortly before the end of the war, the three met Amegakure's leader, Hanzou. This involved the team in a fight, but even the three of them had no chance. Based on Hanzou's suspicion that Konoha would win the war, he spared the three and gave all three the title of legendary sannin from Konoha and from that day on they should call themselves that. She also fought tough competition with Chiyo, who made poisons during the war, but which she was able to neutralize. Chiyo still holds a grudge against Tsunade for this.

Fight against Kabuto and Orochimaru

Tsunade received an offer from Orochimaru who, if she would heal his arms, would revive Dan and Nawaki (with a forbidden jutsu). Since Tsunade remembered Dan and Nawaki's dreams at the last moment, she changed her mind and wanted to kill Orochimaru. Orochimaru doesn't notice this, but Kabuto Yakushi warns him at the last minute. Then Tsunade wants to kill Orochimaru and Kabuto. Since Kabuto needs more space to fight, they move the fight to a huge open field. Tsunade gets support from Jiraiya, Shizune and Naruto Uzumaki, who in any case try to help her. After Naruto defeated Kabuto, Tsunade faces Jiraiya Orochimaru. In the end, he and Kabuto escape. Tsunade accepts the title and becomes Konohagakure's fifth Hokage.

The resemblance to Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki reminds Tsunade a lot of Nawaki, not only does he look a bit like that, but he really wants to become Hokage, just like Dan and Nawaki. When Naruto revealed his dream to her, Tsunade suggested a bet that if Naruto manages to learn the Rasengan within seven days, she would give him her necklace. When Naruto actually managed to execute the Rasengan in the fight against Kabuto to protect Tsunade, he had won the bet. She therefore gives Naruto the chakra chain that she received from her grandfather and which she gave to Nawaki before and then to Dan. That is why Tsunade decides to protect the people and accepts the title of Godaime Hokage.

Sakura's training

In Naruto Shippuden you can see that Tsunade's face was subsequently carved into the mountain, this was done to clarify her title as Hokage. While rescuing Gaara, one learns from Chiyo that she produced many different poisons during the Second Shinobi World War, but that all of them could be neutralized with antidotes developed by Tsunade. In retrospect you can also see the training of Sakura, who not only greatly improve their healing abilities, but was also trained in Tai-Jutsu through Tsunade. She carried out this training very strictly and taught Sakura that the most important thing for a Medic-Nin is to dodge the attacks of the enemy in order to remain unharmed and to be able to heal his comrades. As a result of what he had learned, Sakura later succeeded, together with Chiyo, in defeating Sasori and successfully completing the mission assigned by Tsunade.

Jiraiya's infiltration

When Jiraiya later set out to travel to Amegakure and gather information about Akatsuki, she was against it (which was probably due to the fact that Jiraiya meant a lot to her over time). To calm herself down later, she bet Jiraiya that Jiraiya will not survive as she mostly loses when betting. However, Jiraiya actually died, which hit Tsunade hard and made her cry.

Attack on Konoha

While Pain later attacked Konohagakure to find Naruto Uzumaki, Tsunade had Naruto brought back from the frog world. Again there were contradictions from the elders, but Tsunade could no longer hold back and said to the two elders that they should finally learn to trust the next generation. After a longer discussion, Tsunade was able to convince the elders to trust her. She later used her entire chakra to heal all residents who were injured by Pain, and in the process she even loosened her seal. Still, recently she couldn't prevent Pain from destroying the whole village. After consuming all of her chakra, she loses her youthful appearance and falls into a coma. As a result, Tsunade can no longer exercise her office as Hokage and Danzou Shimura is determined as a candidate for the post of the sixth Hokage.

After the Kage meeting

After Danzou Shimura was killed by Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki and Co. return to Konoha, Kakashi is now to become a candidate for the office of Rokudaime Hokage. As he was about to be chosen as a candidate, Tsunade wakes up from his coma and takes over the office of Hokage again. Since she has used up a lot of chakra, she first eats a lot in order to be able to use her jutsu again and to not look so old anymore. Tsunade then called a war conference with the elders and the most important Shinobis. The five Kage meet with Mifune in Kumogakure. They want to set up a team to find out more information about Akatsuki's enemy base. After the Tsuchikage asks where to hide the Jinchuuriki, Tsunade is surprised by this decision and explains to them that they would need Naruto's and Killer B's strength in battle. After a verbal argument with Gaara, she finally agrees to hide the Jinchuuriki after all.

Fourth Shinobi World War

After Tsunade was also involved in the direct fight against Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha and the Juubi, she, like many others, is also captured by the Mugen Tsukuyomi of Madara. She dreams of a time when DanHokage is and Nawaki and Jiraiya are still alive.

This information only appears in the novels:

Kakashi Hiden

“One year after the rest of the world, Tsunade is back to her duties as Hokage - this includes finding a worthy successor. However, her preferred candidate, Kakashi Hatake, struggles with herself and Tsunade is running out of ideas regarding her persuasive skills. Before she can finally convince Kakashi, he takes part in the maiden voyage of Tobishachimaru. Before Tsunade knows it, she too will be involved in the hostage-taking there. As the reigning Hokage, she receives news of how the enemies were able to sneak onto the ship and, as usual, acts immediately: All Konoha Shinobi have to be at the ship's destination, the Hoozukijou, immediately. However, she and her confidants remain in Konoha, only to come across an exhausted Gai a short time later, who was able to escape from Tobishachimaru. Informed about the situation, Oonoki calls them that the other Kage would not accept it, should Tsunade respond to the hostage-taker's demands and release Garyou from prison. Realizing that she has to act, Tsunade decides, despite the presence of Kakashis on the ship, to shoot it from the sky. However, it does not come to that and the reigning Hokage meets the still living Kakashi at the blood prison. Very sure of her cause, Tsunade hands the Haori, the cloak of the Hokage, to the Kopierninja. It is now official and Tsunade is overjoyed: Kakashi will be her successor, because he has now understood that it is not he who is most important, but the people around him. "spoiler


13 years after the end of the war, during the epilogue, Tsunade has been part of the former Hokage for some time. However, she still has contact with the other former Kage and holds a meeting with them, at which they complain about the changes in society and the world.

Techniques and special skills

Tsunade is an excellent medicine ninja who is even able to use her own chakra to get her body to make new cells faster. This is also the reason why she has not yet died in combat. Furthermore, Tsunade has enormous physical strength, which she can evoke through perfect chakra control. To do this, she concentrates a large amount of chakra on her fists or feet and then hits or kicks. This ability makes Tsunade an extremely powerful hand-to-hand combat specialist. She is also able to conjure up Katsuyu, a snail, which is of great help in combat, but can also be used to support a healing jutsu. Furthermore, the seal on the forehead also seems to function as a mark for the Hiraishin no Jutsu.