Can you speak pig latin

Translation of "pig latin" in German

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[IN PIG LATIN] Brian, pass the meat and potatoes.
(IN SECRET LANGUAGE) Brian, hand me the meat and the potatoes.
Why are you speaking in Pig Latin?
Westphalie Verlag is an artist-run publishing imprint addressing language, Pig Latin, culinary critique, post-conceptual poetry, Alt Lit, editorial aesthetics and shmoos.
Westphalie Verlag is a language publisher run by artist David Jourdan, Pig Latin, culinary review, post-conceptual poetry, alt lit, editorial aesthetics and shmoos.
Well, if you count Pig Latin as a language, but ...
Did You Just Insult Me In Pig Latin?
Aimster makes a "Pig Latin Encoder "available to simplify the operation:" Madonna "becomes" adonnaM ".
Aimster provides a "Pig Latin Encoder "is available to make the whole thing easier:" Madonna "becomes" AdonnaM ".
Michael, why are you speaking Pig Latin incorrectly?
Michael, why are you talking Latin and that wrong?
Then Portuguese to Pig Latin.
How not to get runover, braid your hair, pig latin.
And we have "onomy," which is pig latin for "money."
And "nomie" is ... an anagram for "money".
Stop talking wrong in Pig Latin and drive!
Sounds good to hear something other than pig latin.
Well, putting aside the pig latin, it's a good thing that you two decided to end the relationship so I didn't have to end it for you.
It's a good thing ... that you made the decision to end your relationship ... then I don't have to do it for you.
That what Pig Latin for "pass."
Shut up with that filthy pig latin.
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