Why were sirens canceled

Siren and loudspeaker warning

In areas that are particularly endangered or in the vicinity of facilities with a particular hazard potential, the population is warned not only with radio announcements, but also with sirens and loudspeaker vehicles. In this way, the population is warned, for example, of the release of airborne pollutants.

With the ordinance on public acoustic signals, Bavaria has defined the meaning of the siren signals used in Bavaria. The main siren signals are:

Alarm in the event of fire and other emergencies, which is used to alert the fire services.
Signal: three times constant tone (continuous tone) of twelve seconds each, with a twelve second pause between the tones.

Alarm designed to cause the population to pay attention to radio announcements when there are serious threats to public safety.
Signal: howling for one minute.

In areas where sirens are available to warn the population, information about the siren signals and their meaning is usually provided from time to time in brochures or on the websites of the responsible authorities. In addition, a uniform national siren test alarm takes place twice a year, in which any municipality that has the appropriate sirens can participate. In addition to the functional test, this siren test alarm is also used to inform the public about the significance of the siren signal for preparing broadcasts.

Loudspeaker vehicles from fire brigades and other organizations are either used in addition to siren warnings or, in areas where no suitable sirens are available, instead of siren warnings. The disaster control authorities have pre-planned the routes for the loudspeaker vehicles for certain events in their alarm and deployment plans.

Appointment notices

  • The warning of the population will be rehearsed on Thursday, September 10, 2020.
    This nationwide uniform test alarm will take place this year as part of the first nationwide warning day.
    Starting this year, the nationwide warning day will take place annually on the second Thursday in September. It is carried out by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK).
  • Further information can be found on the following website www.bundesweiter-warntag.de.