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Gibberish pronunciation coach

Nepali - word for word (audio CD)
Learn to speak quickly - the gibberish pronunciation trainer

The popular phrasebooks from the gibberish book series have proven themselves a million times over while traveling. In this language trainer, the most important Nepali idioms and words from the book are systematically spoken and repeated for practice. In this way, Nepali can be learned on the side. The vocabulary trainer works without the dictionary and can be used on all CD players.


  • The most important Nepali words and phrases from everyday travel
  • First the German version is spoken, then the Nepali sentence with a pause and the Nepali version again as a check.
  • The recordings were made with native speakers.


Track title
nepa01 introduction 00:56
nepa02 The most important idioms 02:33
nepa03 The most important questions 02:58
nepa04 Nothing understood 02:20
nepa05 Salutations - greetings - be polite 00:56
nepa06 idioms 01:44
nepa07 On the way 06:32
nepa08 Eating and drinking 02:46
nepa09 overnight stay 01:11
nepa10 shopping 02:04
nepa11 taking pictures 01:53
nepa12 Post - Bank - Offices 02:26
nepa13 being sick 02:04
nepa14 What Nepalese want to know 02:57
nepa15 numbers 3:52

Audio CD - running time 60 min.