What is a digital plan

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Germany needs a Plan D! “Keep it up” is not an option, these are the lessons from Corona. Human suffering, economic damage - everyday life is out of the question. What is needed now are clever deductions from the crisis, which clearly show us two things: on the one hand our vulnerability, on the other hand our problem-solving ability. In digital terms, the German fear was thrown overboard and creative ways were found to cope with the situation. But Corona also works like a magnifying glass - makes weak points, challenges and opportunities even more visible.

But what we need is more than a mere analysis: we need a plan D! A triad of innovation, investment and integration that can help our economy, education and society to emerge stronger from the crisis in the long term.

NewNormal? Only with digitization. It will help us to get out of the Corona crisis faster and better. The people in Germany have shown incredible creativity in the past few weeks. The “we've always done it this way” attitude was simply put in the moth box. Because Corona has clearly shown the leverage effect digitization has. Economy, education and society are the three main fields of action. The goal is to get the best out of digitalization: for the people, for Bavaria.

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