When will Ed Sheeran be making new music

Ed Sheeran: The "4th Part of the series “is coming

Little new has been heard from Ed Sheeran lately. The musician has taken a break, and you can do that when your own albums regularly break all records. But a few days ago Sheeran explicitly announced a new album. Although there are no details about the release yet, the promise will be enough for the fans. Sheeran posted it on Instagram on his birthday. There he wrote: “Today 30. Thank you for all your wonderful messages, I feel very loved.” And below: “Later this year I will be back online with the fourth part of the series. See you."

The “fourth part of the series” can only mean a new album. Because Sheeran sees all of his records as one long, coherent series. This is also supported by the album titles, which always follow the same (mathematical) pattern: The first album was called “+”, the second “x” and the third “÷”. What the fourth part will be called is still open, but there is much to be said for “-”: Subtraction is the only one of the four basic arithmetic operations that Sheeran has not yet used for a title.

Most recently, Ed Sheeran released the single "Afterglow" in December, which sparked rumors about a new album for the first time.

February 22, 2021 // Matthias Jordan

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