What is the synonym for Disquisition

Processing (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Ab | ar | bei | tung, no plural
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈApˌʔaːʁbaɪ̯tʊŋ]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Step-by-step fulfillment of a previously defined or agreed scope of tasks
2) Paying off or reducing a debt
3) (written) treatise, elaboration of a topic
1) Processing, execution, settlement
2) Debt settlement, repayment, reduction
3) Treatise, elaboration
Opposite words:
1) omission, deletion, neglect
2) accumulation, multiplication, indebtedness
3) remark, comment
General terms:
1) Fulfillment of tasks
2) Debt relief
3) Topic treatment
Subordinate terms:
1) Order processing, assembly line processing, project processing, complaint processing
Application examples:
1) In any case, one thing became very clear: The Processing of the coalition agreement will continue to be the guideline for black and red politics.
1) For example, EU diplomats never tired of pointing out on the sidelines of the ceremony that the EU had given Romania in particular, but also Bulgaria, tasks for further political reforms. Theirs Processing is checked annually.
1) Only what was agreed on in the Council of Ministers on Wednesday was thus confirmed: an expansion of the nationwide uniform catalog of criteria by two points (degree of integration, effects on the family), the installation of an asylum court by mid-2008, the rapid Processing of the approximately 30,000 still open proceedings in the next two to three years and that the final decision is incumbent on the Interior Minister, even in cases of hardship.
2) At some point those who are no longer used will be marginalized Processing the mountains of interest can contribute, the whole process is now faster and faster, depends on the system.
2) Science Minister Hahn is sparing the possibilities for Processing the tuition fees decrease again.
2) The "Landeskinderordnung" is based on a study account model that replicates long-term tuition fees of 650 euros Processing provides for a study account for the first degree.
3) Another characteristic of literary paranoia: the obsessive, almost superstitious relationship to motifs, attributes, certain constellations and their never-ending Processing.
3) Conditions and interests are brilliantly analyzed here too, but in the scenario analysis it remains rather in the obvious “main stream”, its plausibility through Processing two rather unlikely scenarios in the eyes of the reader should be increased.
Typical word combinations:
1) Processing an order / an industrial order / an agenda / a contract
1) Processing of activities, order peaks, evaluation lists, checklists, customer inquiries, projects, measures, programs of measures, standard applications, subtasks
1) bare, appropriate, separate, competent, optimal, professional, smooth, purposeful, expeditiousProcessing
2) Processing the compensation obligations, intervention regulations, replacement obligations, tuition fees
3) coherent, systematicProcessing
Word formations:
1) Processing sequence, processing model, processing status, processing status
3) Processing context
Nominative: singular Processing; Plural
Genitive: singular Processing; Plural
Dative: singular Processing; Plural
Accusative: singular Processing; Plural


  • English: 1) execution, fulfillment; 2) debt redemption, debt repayment; 3) disquisition, treatise, screed
  • French: 1) exécution (Female), réalization (Female); 2) remboursement (male); 3) traité (male), élaboration (Female)
  • Polish: 1) realizowanie (neuter), wykonywanie (neuter); 2) pomniejszanie (neuter); 3) opracowanie (neuter)
  • Spanish: 1) ejecución (Female), terminación (male); 2) liquidación (Female), reintegro (male); 3) discurso (male),tretado (male)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Ab | ar | bei | tung, Plural: Ab | ar | at | do | gen
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈApˌʔaːʁbaɪ̯tʊŋ]
Word meaning / definition:
1) architecture Removal, grinding or drilling of material such as earth, rock or stone
2) Information technology IT process that handles aggregate content or events
1) Removal, grinding, drilling
2) Program execution, program implementation
Opposite words:
1) Landfill, application, grouting
2) Abort, interruption
General terms:
1) Degradation, wear and tear
2) program sequence
Subordinate terms:
2) Inquiry processing, order processing, command processing, data processing, program processing, task processing, process processing
Application examples:
1) On the rock massif, only a few parts of the wall have survived on the east side, which together with Processing prove an intensive use of the castle in the rock.
1) The Processing the fluting, dowel holes in H 200 cm and notches come from phase II.
1) Whether the lotus blossoms were connected to the neighboring palmette bases by tendril branches can be determined from the Processing no longer notice.
1) The walls exhibit numerous in different densities Processing and niches for attaching reliefs and figurative votives on (…).
1) The base under the church wall shows (Fig. 13) that the Processing served to insert a small stone.
2) The exempted interruption time is the trivial case of the sequence: the activities are carried out one after the other at indefinite intervals, whereby the time span between the Processing is not specified in more detail in the modeling.
2) What happens in a computer is automatic Processing an algorithm, but not the transmission of information, because the computer transforms character strings that do not actually represent information for it.
2) The students know the term transaction and the requirements for a correct one Processing.
2) The Processing a command is made by the following assemblies: arithmetic unit ... control unit (control unit) and register.
2) The information system itself does this Processing complex problems, this leads to a redistribution of complexity away from people towards the information system.
2) Aims of this experiment are: to expand the microprocessor mp4 with a memory and an output unit to a microcomputer mc4 and to create designs, Processing and conduct analysis of programs.
Typical word combinations:
2) automatic, simple, assembly line-like, mechanical, parallel, process-oriented, sequential, scalar, fast, vectorial, reliable, cyclicProcessing
2) Processing an algorithm, expression, code sequence, endless loop, function, instruction, machine instruction, program section, procedure, process, loop, loop body, control program, search query, word
2) Processing of instructions, commands, programs, control instructions, links
Word formations:
Processing type, processing effort, processing example, processing form, processing speed, processing level, processing mechanism, processing protocol, processing rule, processing sequence, processing time, processing cycle
Nominative: singular Processing; Plural Processing
Genitive: singular Processing; Plural Processing
Dative: singular Processing; Plural Processing
Accusative: singular Processing; Plural Processing


  • English: 1) abrasion, eradication, boring; 2) processing, program execution
  • Spanish: 1) ablación (Female), desgaste (male); 2) elaboración mecanizada (Female)

Similar words (German):Processing, elaboration

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The fire brigades of the Liezen district are also on the fifth day of this year with the Processing busy with numerous storms.
Kleine Zeitung, 5th January 2019

What was not planned followed Processing of the six agenda items.
Mercury, January 03, 2019

The construction industry in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has grown massively since the beginning of the year and for Processing of the mountain of orders increased their staff.
t-online, July 24, 2019

It's about a judicial one Processing international terrorism, said Seehofer. An international criminal justice system would therefore be appropriate.
stern.de, April 04, 2019

The conceptual goal is in particular the accelerated one Processing as well as timely prosecution of violent and aggressive crimes directed against these persons.
Police in Bavaria, June 13, 2019

The Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) defends himself against criticism of a too slow one Processing of the emergency aid applications in the Corona crisis.
GMX, May 14, 2020

Paris - Yesterday's trade was dominated by the clean Processing of all forecast points, as shown in the publication 'dailyDAX' by BNP Paribas.
derivatecheck.de, November 01, 2019

In the past few days, those responsible have announced successes at the Processing of the applications received. But so far the state has only distributed money from the federal government.
SWR.de, May 02, 2020

First of all, it's about the Processing of the party congress orders. Subsequently, under certain conditions, a Union issue could also come on the agenda.
n-tv.de, December 22, 2019

In the Processing of the incident, rescue workers and a federal police force were assaulted by a bystander. In the end, officials and rescue workers were surprised when they compared the data.
Police press release, January 24, 2020

The usage examples were selected automatically and may therefore contain errors.

Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Holding
  • completion: the activity or process of unwinding; Removal of a wrap or something wrapped; Economy the successful conclusion of a contract; Economy liquidation, shutdown of a company
  • execution: Implementation of an act, a plan, a work; Type of manufacture, manufacture of a product; (Aus) design, draft; plural only: explanation, description
  • execution: Realization, i.e. the implementation of a project in practice; Law Implementation of a law in the sense of execution; Music implementation as a musical term; Electrical engineering Insulating component that leads a live conductor through a (earthed) wall
  • Fulfillment: Realization (of plans, hopes, wishes, prophecies); Becoming aware of the meaning of life; Right performance of obligations
  • completion: Get done, get done, fulfillment; Bringing something planned, commissioned, necessary into life
  • transaction: IT sequence of operations that are only carried out completely or not at all; Economy mutual transfer of goods and services to a considerable extent
  • Activity
  • implementation: Right to assign an official to another post within the same authority; Botany the change in the position of a plant; the transformation of a thing into another state or form; the execution, realization
  • Completion
  • Execution: (U- or S-) train set, which has the usual length; Freight train loaded with cargo
  • procedure: general: process, sequence; Water drain, a device for draining liquids; Construction: a connecting component; Ending a period of time, coming to an end
  • execution: Implementation of an act, a plan, a work; Type of manufacture, manufacture of a product; (Aus) design, draft; plural only: explanation, description
  • Execution
  • processing: the processing of something; The way in which something was made / processed
  • Machining: general process by which an object, for example a document, is changed in form or content; Art modification of an artistic work; Technique Process by which a workpiece is given a different shape; Administration Handling of a bureaucratic process
  • processing: the processing of something; The way in which something was made / processed

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pes: for a clock: the clock weight, the weight Origin of the term: from the Latin noun pensum (actually: the daily ration of wool weighed for the workers to work off), which in turn goes back to the Latin verb pendere “weigh, weigh”

Run: ... 8) Technology of continuous movement of a machine 9) Computer science the automated processing of certain (economic) processes in mass processing Origin of the term: ...

workload:… 1) the wool; actually the wool that was assigned to workers or slaves as a daily ration for processing was transferred 2): the task, the workload Origin of the term: ...

manažer: Software: Computer program that is responsible for the orderly processing of computer processes. Origin of the term: from English Generic terms: 1) programové vybavení Examples of use: 1) Tiskový manažer umožňuje tisk z DOS programů na jakoukoliv tiskárnu

Processing:… IPA: [ˈapˌʔaːʁbaɪ̯tʊŋən] Grammatical features: nominative plural of the noun Processing Genitive plural of the noun Processing dative plural of the noun…

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