How should profile page URLs be designed

Instagram Bio: How to Create the Perfect Profile

Instagram is best known as a photo platform. With aesthetically appealing and meaningful content, companies and private individuals express what they stand for. But not only the visual content, but also the words in the Instagram bio are of the highest relevance. Above the content of every profile is the bio as a figurehead of the profile. For the first impression it is essential to use your own bio as effectively as possible. Especially in the profile description and in the specification of an external link, there is great potential to direct more traffic to your own site, which is often not optimally used.

The rules of the game for the various elements

The first thing to do is take a look at how each Instagram profile is structured. The different elements each have their own rules and should be used optimally.

Username: The profile is registered with the user name. This must be unique and must not contain any spaces or special characters other than periods and (under) lines. It is at the top of the profile and is the @ -handle with which the profile can be linked.

Profile pic: As a profile picture, it is advisable to set the logo or your own photo. It should definitely be characteristic of your profile or brand.

Profile name: In contrast to the username, the profile name does not have to be unique and can contain special characters. The profile owner has the chance to introduce himself with 30 characters. Since the user and profile name are the only parts of the profile that are taken into account in the search, careful consideration should be given to the terms Instagram users could use to search for the profile. These can then be taken up in the name.

Category: With business profiles, it is possible to assign the profile to a category via Facebook. This appears under the profile name and shows visitors to the profile at a glance what the profile is about. This saves characters in the profile description. However, the category is only shown in the mobile view.

Profile description: In the profile description, the account operator has 150 characters available in order to describe what the profile is about as expressively as possible. Tips for the perfect profile description can be found below.

External link: Instagram only allows one external link in the bio. Accordingly, it should be carefully considered which linking pays off the most. We also have a few tips for you on this point below.

Location: Your own address can be specified in the location settings. This does not depend on the number of characters in the description.

Contact details: E-mail and telephone number should be provided to make it easier for users to contact.

Particular attention should be paid to the profile description and the external link. Below we've listed tips for both of you to get the most out of your Instagram profile.

The perfect profile description:

There are several possibilities of what can be taken up in the profile description in order to make optimal use of the 150 characters available.

1. Describe the content:

If the company is already known, an exact description is usually not necessary. Instead, content should be described. In the case of a well-known camera brand, for example, it could be pointed out that the profile is about good photography and not about the cameras themselves.

2. Description of the company:

Small, even less well-known companies, on the other hand, should use the space to present what they do and what they stand for as well as possible. It is usually advisable to remain sober and objective. This is the only way to get the relevant information to the user.

3. Branded hashtag

Some profiles have launched their own hashtag or are trying to make it known. If so, it should definitely be placed in the bio. Hashtags that are in a prominent position are also ideal for hashtag campaigns and to collect user-generated content.

4. Concrete offer

Last but not least, the bio can be used to refer to a current offer, such as a workshop, online course or competition. For this, however, actions are more suitable that apply longer, since the description must always be updated manually.

Formatting tips

Anyone who wanted to create the description on the mobile device will have noticed that line breaks do not work. In order to get the desired formatting, a PC must be used. A second option is to format the description, including breaks, in a note app and then insert it on Instagram.

Stay true to your company

In principle, care should be taken to stay true to the company's tone of voice in the organic too. Emojis or other special characters loosen up the text and can help to draw attention to the right places. But neither with the colorful pictures nor with links or hashtags should you overdo it in your profile description. Too many emojis quickly seem dubious and hashtags and links tend to lead visitors away from the profile instead of keeping them on the page. It is usually advisable to end the bio with a call-to-action or a reference to the external link.

Not quite part of the bio, but not to be despised for the overall picture of the profile are the storable stories. These so-called highlights can be found under the bio and above the posts and represent a valuable opportunity to make important content clearly visible for users.

The way to more traffic: Your link in bio

Since Instagram does not allow external links in posts, the one link in the bio that Instagram allows is all the more important. The link can provide valuable input, especially when the goal is to drive more traffic to your own site. Especially because every user knows where to find the "Link in Bio", it is a valuable aid that should definitely be used. It is of course possible to simply publish the link to your own page or to your own online shop, but in some cases there are smarter options.

First of all, the link should invite you to click. A link that is too long and does not make it clear where it leads does not entice you to click. The link should arouse a desire in the user that leads as many visitors as possible to your own page. In order to make the link appealing, it can be correctly titled directly in the link target in WordPress. is also ideal for this purpose.

But where should the link that you set lead now?

1. Define business goals

First of all, you should define what your goal is. Do you want to generate more traffic on your site? Win more newsletter subscribers? Or make more people aware of your event? The type of your link should depend on this.

2. Optimize the link

Although Instagram only allows one external link, there are several ways you can trick this policy. With linktree or it is possible to refer to several pages via the generated landing page without ever having to change the link. linktree is particularly suitable for profiles that often refer to their external link under their post, but which changes more frequently. One week it was a link to an article, the current one to a competition. If followers look at old posts and want to get to the page, the link is gone. linktree creates a list of all links so that users can quickly find the right one., on the other hand, copies the Instagram feed of a profile and leaves a link behind each photo. For example, buzzfeedtasty can link to all of your recipes on your website.

3. Be sure to check

In any case, after setting the link, it should be checked again whether it really leads to the page on which the visitors should land. Nothing frustrates an interested user more than a broken link or one that doesn't lead to where it should be.

Legal: The imprint

From a legal point of view, however, there is still one problem for which there does not seem to be a correct solution: There is also an obligation to publish an imprint on social profiles. At least if it is a commercial site. Normally the full legal notice has to be given here, but where? Instagram currently does not offer enough space, which is why most people make do with the link in bio. This can be used to refer to the imprint. In a correct representation, this would also be clearly marked, for example, in that it is clearly visible in the link that it leads to the imprint, or by adding "imprint:" to the link.

The recommendation of our legal expert is to include a full legal notice on social if possible. Otherwise, in any case, insert a link and be aware that this is not the one hundred percent legally compliant way. In the opinion of the courts, the portal operator should be asked to enable a legally compliant presentation. If they refuse, you would have to forego your own presence on the platform.

The foundation on the way to greater reach

When it comes to getting more followers and more reach, a well-maintained Instagram profile is essential and that includes not only well-thought-out posts, but also the perfect Instagram bio as a figurehead for your brand. Whether you are just starting out with Instagram and want to have a respectable profile right from the start, or you have had an active profile for a long time: our tips have hopefully given you some suggestions and motivated you to spruce up your bio.