Why are Teslas so expensive

Tesla Model 3: Why is the electric car so expensive here?

The new Tesla Model 3: It should pave the way for the brand to enter affordable segments. However, customers are amazed at the very different prices in Europe and the USA. How can that be?

Tesla's new Model 3 starts at $ 39,500 in the United States. That's around 35,000 euros. For comparison: the cheapest BMW 3 series costs 37,850 euros, an Audi A4 from 32,700 euros, the Mercedes C-Class at least 32,500 euros - all with basic equipment and a combustion engine.

Originally, the electric car was supposed to be even cheaper in the USA. In Germany, on the other hand, the Tesla Model 3 costs at least 44,500 euros - almost 10,000 euros more. How come

So there is a surcharge

The reasons: Tesla calculates its own price nicely. In addition, there are additional costs in Europe that US customers do not have to pay.

  • Tesla is already counting subsidies for alternative drives in its US prices. That is not allowed here.
  • In addition, the stated price already includes an estimated fuel savings: Since the Tesla is very frugal, the customer saves a lot of money with it. And the car manufacturer deducted this money from the purchase price
  • As usual there, Tesla gives US prices without VAT (which is not uniform across the US), but German prices already include VAT.
  • There are also additional costs, for example for transport and customs.

The result: German prices are consequently higher - but also more honest. Ultimately, however, US customers also have to put more money on the table than the price tag says.

Different prices also from other manufacturers

Different countries, different prices - this is not only the case with Tesla, but also with a car like the VW Golf. Built in Germany, it sometimes costs significantly less for our neighbors. If so, it may be worth buying one of these cars from abroad. You can organize this so-called re-import yourself. But you can also easily buy a re-import in Germany - from a dealer who specializes in this. In both cases, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. You'll find more about it here.

However, importing a car like the new Tesla from the USA is not advisable. Because apart from the sometimes different regulations that car manufacturers have to meet in the individual markets, you will hardly save any money.