The US military still wore it in 1911

When will the new US president get the suitcase with the atomic codes?

Emergency bags: well guarded, always close to the President

The US President's legendary atomic suitcase is actually a relatively inconspicuous black leather briefcase. In American it is also called "nuclear football" or "president’s emergency satchel". This 20 kilogram “emergency bag” is always carried by a soldier and is always in the immediate vicinity of the President - regardless of whether he is on board Air Force One or on the golf course.

Contrary to legend, the red atomic button that the US president has to press to trigger a nuclear attack is not in the briefcase. What exactly is inside is top secret. But you at least know that there is another aluminum case from the Zero Halliburton brand in the bag. This, in turn, is said to contain the so-called Black Book, a collection of nuclear attack plans. In addition, the "Go Codes" with which the President can implement the attack plans, a manual that lists, among other things, all the nuclear bunkers in the USA, and a bug-proof telephone.

Biscuit: Plastic card contains nuclear codes

The atomic case also includes the so-called biscuit, a piece of plastic the size of a credit card that the President must always carry with him. This biscuit contains the nuclear codes with which the president could give the order to detonate a nuclear missile.

Handover to the successor on the day of inauguration

The atomic case will be handed over at 12 o'clock on the day of the handover - the next time on January 20, 2021. And not from president to president, but a military man hands him over to the next. From this point on, the code card is also electronically armed. Then the newly elected president is the commander in chief of the US troops and is therefore also responsible for the atomic case.

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